Little Nicholas' Progress

Monday Jan 22nd, 2018


This little guy had a mild Staph infection, mommy and the wonderful staff at Sick Kids managed to catch it in time. We cleaned the infection out without another huge surgery(it was a lot of holding our breath and praying it wouldn't come to that). With a minor reaction to one of the antibiotics, we had another on board quickly that is working quickly to get this infection under control. Thank goodness for our wonderful team! We will continue to be followed by Plastic Surgery at sick kids to ensue nothing is overlooked at this point. But we will return to Bloorview tomorrow morning, and a family meeting will be on Thursday to discuss a plan of action for Nicholas' care. Hopefully we can continue to work towards being on the same page and bringing Nicholas home! Central Ontario Waterfronts has Donated $500 to help Nicholas and his family and we are so glad we had the opportunity to help such a great local cause!

Link to Nicholas Story:

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